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4 "words" that can change your life

- May I ask your attention, please?

- For sure, sir. What do u need?

- I need one love.

- And why are u asking me?

- Maybe u are looking for one as well.

- But love doesnt happen like this.

- How the love happens? - He asked me very ansious

- With conexion, shine eyes, patience and a lot of laughs.

- Its complicated like this? I thought that happens between two people.

- Can be, but get envolved many other situations.

- Do we have conexion?

- I dont know. I met u know. Maybe a little bit because we are talking till now.

- Do we have shine eyes?

- Humm.. I have no idea, we are wearing sunglasses.

(Both lift the sunglasses at the same time and smiled with shame)

- Do we have patience?

- Yes. If we doesnt have, we arent talking this strange topic between two strangers till now.

- Do u wanna be my girlfriend?

- Hahahahaha...

- We laugh, so u can be my love.

And this is how they started to live their lifes together and we never know if they will be happy forever.


(Isa Gama's note: And this is my first ficcion text in english. With love, I wanna know, should I keep writing? Please, leave your comments bellow <3)

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